Friday, January 15, 2016

Eldrena Douma

A former classroom teacher turned Professional Storyteller since 1992, is an educator that travels throughout the United States sharing stories, teaching and encouraging the use of imagination, creative thinking and writing.
Her performances include stories for young children and adults, Her workshops focus on quick creative thinking, writing and learning to tell a story.

What some have said...

Festivals & Conferences
'“Drena’s personal narratives are so powerful. One of my favorite stories is “Blue Corn” that she tells about a birthday celebration and the love of her grandmother. Another of my favorites is a Christmas story that she shares about how her grandmother became Santa’s helper one year. We are so fortunate to feature such a gifted teller for the 2017 festival.”         * Dr. Trudy Hanson, WTAMU Storytelling Festival  

Speaker & Lecturer
Bluecorn has been telling story at the Lubbock Lake Landmark for many years she weaves her love of family, traditions, and life lessons into stories that encourage creative thinking and tickle the imagination.  Her tales of Coyote or life on the Pueblo always keep visitors at the edge of their seats wanting more.  Many of Bluecorn’s stories encourage young listeners to mind their parents, be kind, and appreciate life.  I am proud to be her friend and colleague.  
                                                                                        * Susan Rowe, Lubbock Lake Landmark, Lubbock, Texas

Libraries & Schools
I attended all three sessions and saw how Eldrena connected with the three different audiences. Eldrena taps into her personal life experiences to tell moving and oftentimes humorous stories that her sudiences can relate to. I think everyone came away from her storytelling having learned something that they could apply to their own lives in a positive way. Eldrena has many things to teach people through her stories, and she does it in an amazing, beautiful way. It's a true gift and an ability that she possesses, and we were fortunate to be able to experience it. 
                                                       * Leslie Broughton, Head of Collections & Instruction, Thomas C. Donnelly Library NMHU